Fun Stuff: Edition 01   4/10/04

Here are some interesting Science Links:

Heavens-Above has lots of details on how and when to observe phenomena in the sky.For example you can enter your location and it will tell you when you can see flares, reflections off antennas, of the Iridium satellites. It also has a customized star chart for your location, etc. Check it out!

This site will take you through the sizes of things from the galactic scale down to quarks! It also has many tutorials and other interesting picures and such. Go see it to learn about Physics, Optics, operate a virtual electron microscope and more! Have fun!

This site appears to have a whole bunch of practical information on making and launching your own water rockets made out of plastic beverage bottles. Big fun!

My sister Kathy first put me on to this cool Periodic Table of the Elements. The guy has done some very nice work on it and has an awesome collection of Chemical Elements. Visit this site to learn about the Chemical Elements that make up the world around us.

Spark, Bang, Buzz and Other Good Stuff! This site is in the garage science category. I love these sites where a creative and intellingent individual just explores and has fun and then shares the results.

Karen and I have been having a great time with these logic puzzles! I hope you enjoy them too. It's nice that they give you the matrix all set up for the solution. It saves paper and time.

Feel free to check back from time to time for more suggested adventures, and don't forget to have fun!